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If you are a Local Authority and have young people aged 11+ not attending school/college, we can support them to access community learning and help to re-engage them with education or employment options


If you are a Supported Living Provider who are wanting to support your residents to seek employment opportunities, but don’t know where to start, contact us and we can discuss our training which will equip, enrich and empower your staff leaving them with the knowledge and confidence to provide the best support through tried and tested methods. If you are looking to offer your residents or clients in-work support, EDGE offers various training opportunities and workshops to equip, enrich, and empower your staff on how to best provide the correct support through tried and tested methods. Training is bespoke to suit the needs of your organisation and covered a variety of topics such as How to Job Coach, How to engage with employers and effectively connect with your community to name a few. Contact EDGE for an informal chat about our services.

If you are an employer who is in need of specialist employment support and intervention for your employee, we offer mentoring and training services to suit your needs as well as in-work support for colleagues requiring the additional support/intervention. To find out more please contact EDGE.

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